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It’s a quote – from me!

As Tom points out, he and I are both quoted in a couple of articles from the UK and Australia in a story about T-Mobile's dropping of Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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Audiences jaded toward computer animation

The only surprise is why this didn't happen sooner. Audiences are getting tired of computer-animated films, with few rising to any level of success. That's partly because of the lack of quality in most offerings but also because all of them tend to look the same after a while, with talking animals dominating the genre.… Continue reading Audiences jaded toward computer animation

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Kohl’s and AOL promote Flushed Away

Dreamwork's upcoming Flushed Away will get some cross-promotional help from retailer Kohl's as well as online portal AOL. The duo will produce a series of online games whose release will be staggered throughout the month of October. The games will be co-branded with both Kohl's and the movie and at least one game will award… Continue reading Kohl’s and AOL promote Flushed Away

Movie Marketing Madness

Movie Marketing Madness: The Departed

I've been convinced for some time now, since the days of Glengarry Glen Ross and Quiz Show, that there needs to be a separate Oscar category for entire ensemble performances, a feeling that was reawakened with the recent Good Night, and Good Luck. Singling out one actor or actress from movies like this is simply… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Departed