Wednesday night I had the distinct pleasure to meet up with some of the best and brightest in the blogging community. Some are native Chicagoans and others were in town for a Ragen Communications conference. Despite the fact that the original location I had chosen, which was just down the street from the hotel many of them were staying at, wound up being closed we found an alternate location. It was a lot of fun to sit around a table with a stuffed pizza and geek out with others who are on the forefront of the new media landscape. It’s always nice to meet some of the people who I have gotten to know virtually via blog comments, links and emails. Kevin Dugan, Robert Scoble, David Armano; Jeremiah Owyang, Jeffrey Treem, Joe Thornley and others came in and out over the course of a couple hours. As Jeremiah says in his write-up of the get together, you could tell this was a solid bunch of guys because there was far more money left by those of us who had to duck out early than was needed for the check. It’s also exposed me to a bunch of new blogs to subscribe to in order to follow what these guys are talking about. Absolutely a great time.

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