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Just so you all know, tomorrow is Talk Like A Pirate Day. All tomorrow's posts will be written in pirate-speak. Because I don't have enough things to keep me busy I now have to make things even more difficult.

Film Distribution

Pirates 2 can’t save overall movie business

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest may have been the biggest grossing movie of the year and briefly set off a wave of "the blockbuster still rules" articles, but as Chris Anderson says, it's not enough to save Hollywood as a whole. When you take Pirates tickets - not grosses but pure, unadulterated tickets… Continue reading Pirates 2 can’t save overall movie business


LOTD 9/18/06

Microsoft Zune will not only not play songs from other sources - even if those sources, such as Napster are approved by Microsoft - but it will also strip away Creative Commons licenses and apply its own DRM to all the files you try to put on the device. The new site is way… Continue reading LOTD 9/18/06