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Movie Marketing Madness: The Last Kiss

Zach Braff is the wounded puppy dog all women want to save. His earnestness, his sense of humor and his just-below-the-surface vulnerability make him attractive and endearing to each and every female I've come across. That same sense of humor also makes him palatable by guys, which goes a long way toward making sure that… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Last Kiss

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Open thread

Looks like a slow news day today. So consider this an open thread. Discuss what you will - new trailers, posters, what you saw in front of a movie recently, whatever. Keep it civil or I will shoot someone in the face. Just kidding. Kind of. Full column coming soon.


LOTD: September 13

MySpace is talking about replacing what YouTube and other sources of "content" on the site are doing with their own, so they can have all the traffic. That's a good idea, one stop shopping is fantastic, but howabout taking two things into consideration - people like using YouTube the way it is, and second, it's… Continue reading LOTD: September 13

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Freedom of the press

I know I promised no more non-marketing rants, but this is too much. Members of the press should not have to "act like drug-dealers" in order to do their jobs and avoid subpeonas. Such guarantees are written down somewhere...where was that...oh yeah, the Constitution.