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Movie Marketing Madness: Confetti

I love British romantic comedies. While many of the plot points might be shared with their American counterparts, the Brits approach the genre with a different sensibility that gives them a whole new feel that's a breath of fresh air sometimes. The British value wordplay and manners so much more than we Yanks do and… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Confetti

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I’m now Web 2.0 compliant

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Apple announcement coming

Here's what I saw when I tried to open up my iTunes Music Store today. Real friggin' subtle. Technorati tags: movie marketing, itunes, apple

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Round-up: 9/12/06

Jon Stewart returns after a well-deserved vacation and lays into Bush and the fact that, after five years, we still haven't caught Osama Bin Laden. Keith Olberman returns to Ground Zero in New York and lays into Bush and that fact that, after five years, we still haven't done a damm thing with the big… Continue reading Round-up: 9/12/06