LOTD: September 11

  • Nick Bradbury gave props over the weekend to Microsoft for putting in some pretty good security to the latest IE RSS reader. He also points out that while they get kicked around for security flaws, they deserve to get credit when they do something smart.
  • BusinessWeek Online has a report saying that while there was an Internet boom and bust, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t being entrepreneurial anymore – and succeeding with new ideas. (Well, outside of the usual “Web 2.0” spiel)
  • Social media has changed not only how we do things but how we think of them and Brian Oberkirch passes on the shift in thinking and naming that’s gone on.
  • Blogging is not only a fun and exciting way to make your voice be heard but can be an important tool for expanding your skill sets as not just a writer but also planner and overall media thinker. Chris and I completely agree.
  • Solid PR now also means a solid working knowledge of how to monitor and engage with the blogosphere.
  • Josh Hallett showcases how the University of Florida has now integrated video podcasts into its already robust online new media offerings.
  • Here’s a revolutionary thought: Blogs and the people running them can actually help mainstream reporters do their jobs and do them better.