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Movie Marketing Madness: Hollywoodland

Honestly, I'm only surprised this kind of thing didn't happen eight years ago. I'm talking about the current wave of movies revolving around a murder investigation in 1940's or 50's Hollywood. I would have expected this kind of thing to have been popular more immediately after the success of L.A. Confidential. But now in the… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Hollywoodland

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Meta of the day

I just got a hit from someone in my hometown of Elmhurst, IL who did a Google search for "movie marketing madness." I'm not sure what to do with this. Was it my parents? Doubtful since I'm not sure they know how to use Google. Someone I know? Not sure. Random confluence of unconnected coincidences?… Continue reading Meta of the day

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I agree completely

This appeared as the Quote of the Day on my Google homepage yesterday: We do not write because we want to; we write because we have to. W. Somerset Maugham English dramatist & novelist (1874 - 1965) As much work as sometimes is to pound stuff out, there's a deep need I have in my… Continue reading I agree completely


Quote of the day

Eschaton "It's important to respect human rights because of what it says about us, not because of what it says about some of the assholes in custody."