Having it both ways

The “new vs. old media consumption” debate has flared up again. Scoble says he only reads RSS feeds. Others say they still read newspapers.

What if you’re reading the RSS feeds from newspapers?

Here’s my take on all this: A well rounded media diet, just like a good nutritional diet, contains everything in appropriate portions. A scoop of newspapers, a serving of magazines, a portion of blogs, a helping of TV, a bit of radio and some podcasts to fill in the edges. How much of what will largely depend on what industry you’re in. For Scoble, it makes sense that his media consumption is mostly RSS feeds. That’s his industry. For others it’s vitally important that newspapers make up the bulk of their reading. Others need to focus on trade mags in their niche. Find what works best for you and who you’re working on behalf of and go to it.

Sony sponsoring CNN video podcasts

Sony Pictures is one of the first studios to sponsor CNN’s video podcasts and is using the sponsorhip to promote Gridiron Gang, the new football drama starring The Rock. The week-long deal will include preroll footage on the shows as well as banner ads that appear on CNN’s Entertainment section.

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You don’t speak for me

The Problem with Prophets – Christianity Today Magazine

Great article on how shaky the ground is under those who claim to speak for all Christians, especially when it comes to society and politics.

Round-up: 9/6/06

  • Following his smacking around of Rumsfeld, Keith Olberman strikes what should be a mortal wound against Pres. Bush and his relentless comparisons of Al Queda to Nazi Germany. The man (Olberman, that is) is a genius.
  • A group of Chicago-area Christian Democrats have established an online presence to show that those two terms are not mutually exclusive. Check out FaithfulDemocrats now. UPDATE: MediaMatter has an example of how some conservative pundits equate “faithful” with “white evangelicals.” It’s kind of sickening. I wonder how many black Republicans realize their religious beliefs were just dismissed out of hand.