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What happened to Idiocracy?

A couple weeks ago - August 13th - it was announced that 20th Century Fox had decided to postpone the film Idiocracy indefinetely, a nice way of saying it would never see the light of day. Since the film was the latest from Mike Judge, the creator of "Beavis & Butthead", "King of the Hill"… Continue reading What happened to Idiocracy?

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Jackass 2 urinal ad

Over at AdJab we have something of an obsession with urinal-based advertising. Up until now, though, there's never been actual footage of a urinal ad. Thank goodness, YouTube and this gentleman have now filled that gap. You can see a urinal ad being "activated" by someone...well...pissing on it to show the ad for Jackass: Number… Continue reading Jackass 2 urinal ad

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Studio ad accounts in play

20th Century Fox and Lions Gate are just two of the studios who have put their huge ad accounts up for review. The primary thing they - and everyone else - are looking for is help in a new media world. "The studios are launching 25 movies a year, and each one is a brand… Continue reading Studio ad accounts in play

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Unstable celebrities

Yeah, I'm as surprised by the fact that companies, including movie studios, might not be that eager to attach their valuable brand names to a bunch of ass-wacky celebrities as you are. The inherent problem movies have is that they are built around those ass-wacky celebs and their drawing power has been the hook so… Continue reading Unstable celebrities

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Once more to the SoaP well

I'm not going to comment - since I think I've said everything I can about Snakes on a Plane - but instead just encourage you to go read the latest from Todd Copilevitz and Mario Sundar both do one more post on the movie and the citizen marketing efforts that heralded its arrival. Technorati tags:… Continue reading Once more to the SoaP well

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Marvel Babies

I just want to stab myself with a fork sometimes.


This is your brain on religion

Some might call it a brain that's "hardwired" for religion, I call it the ability to see God in places both large and small and know he's beside and inside us. I'm a little offended that people who believe certain things are represented - through inference more than outright statement - as irrational fanatics who… Continue reading This is your brain on religion