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The Last Kiss on Threadless

Zach Braff has announced that the Threadless-created t-shirts for The Last Kiss are now available and the contest has begun. Go submit your Last Kiss-themed designs there. Technorati tags: movie marketing, new line

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Trailer voices

Thanks (I think) to Rick Klau for pointing out this video from the 1997 Key Art Awards.

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New blogs – just what I needed

If you find yourself just not having enough blogs or RSS feeds to read, both Mack Collier at BMA and David Armano at Logic+Emotion have round-ups of highlights from existing blogs or pointers to new blogs that have launched. Get your RSS readers ready and carve out a few more minutes in your day to… Continue reading New blogs – just what I needed

Movie Marketing Madness

Movie Marketing Madness: Beerfest

It's meow time for me to review the campaign for Broken Lizard's latest comedic entry Beerfest. Back in 2001 they were a relatively unknown comedy troupe (at least I had never heard of them) but meow they've hit more or less the big time thanks to the absolutely brilliant Super Troopers, which they followed with… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Beerfest

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Covenant online game

ComingSoon points out you can now play an online game for The Covenant on the movie's official website. Technorati tags: movie marketing, sony pictures

Quick Takes, Religion

Round-up: 8/25/06

The separation between church and state isn't a lie, at least I don't think so. I always take its foundation to be when Christ chastised his followers to "render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's and unto God what is God's." Gary Hart talks about the neo-con ideological creep into all facets of life, including religion.… Continue reading Round-up: 8/25/06