LOTD: August 21

  • Lifehacker points to a great screencast on how to use WordPress
  • The Baltimore Sun‘s Hanah Cho has a great item about using technology in the presence of others, and what might be going too far
  • BusinessWeek‘s Karen Klein makes a case for a company blog, even for internal use
  • VOTE: Fast Company asks “Do company executives really understand how people use their products?”
  • Recently, AOL released stacks of search results from its users, which somewhat enabled anyone with about 15 minutes and a mouse to figure out a decent profile of any of the individuals included in the “release.” Wired’s Annalee Newitz shares what might be the top ten “dubmest privacy debacles” that we’ve seen
  • Jeremy Pepper summed up his experiences at the Second Life Convention in four posts, check ’em out here: 1, 2, 3, 4. If you’re interested in SL and don’t feel like just paying someone to figure out how to get you started, then this is a good start for your reading.
  • While we’re on Second Life, check out who’s next to join the SL train
  • Bloggers are checking out the Web 2.0ishness of newspapers online

Christians during wartime

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Gory – Christianity Today Magazine

“Where were the Christians during the Civil War?”

Good question. Can someone answer where they are during the current war?