Quick Takes: 7/26/06

One more of these while I get back in the groove after a long weekend. Starting fresh tomorrow.

  • More graphic medical visuals in the new poster for Saw III.
  • ComingSoon has a bunch of online ads that are hitting the net for Snakes on a Plane.
  • The British can do horror too, as the trailer for Severance shows.
  • Will Smith must be jonesing for an Oscar. That’s the conclusion that comes to me after watching the trailer for The Pursuit of Happyness. (And no, that’s not a typo.)
  • It’s not an overly original design, but the poster for Idocracy does hype that it’s a Mike Judge film, which is all it really needs to do.
  • Jeffrey Wells passes on word of a redubbed Miami Vice trailer in Germany.
  • PosterWire is asking for help editing the Wikipedia definition of a movie poster.
  • Cross pens are among those brands getting some placement in Stormbreaker.
  • The official site shown in the commercials for Step Up has a MySpace domain, and WebProNews dives into that.
  • If you were paying attention you saw that Comic-Con was as much about movie marketing as it was comics.
  • Cinematical jumps on the “Miami Vice Story” as Mack labeled it.
  • Beerfest gets an online ad.
  • As does Talladega Nights. This one’s been all over SiteMeter lately.
  • The Miami Herald does a recap of all the companies that latched onto the Pirates of the Caribbean brand.
  • Lucky You, with Drew Barrymore and Eric Bana, gets a poster and a trailer.
  • Naming a movie is a difficult – and sometimes vaguely defined – exercise.

OK, then. Starting tomorrow with more or less a clean slate. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

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Speechless – An Open Letter

I’ve been legitimately and profoundly moved by the outpouring of support from The Viral Community and others in the wake of, as Mack calls it, “The Miami Vice Story.” What a powerful and supportive group of bloggers he’s assembled and that we’re all a part of. I haven’t had the time to comment or link to everyone how’s jumped on this story like I should have but I want you all to know I’ve read everything and think it’s great that this story as spread in the way that it has. It shows that good word-of-mouth can spread as far and wide as bad.

Speaking of The Viral Community, congratulations to Mario on becoming the latest contributor to Marketing Profs Daily Fix blog. Look for good stuff from Mario on DF in the near future.

Talkin’ ’bout religion

Moderates say Democrats shouldn’t be bashful on religion — Beliefnet.com

Here’s an idea for Democrats. Point out all those things from the Bible that Republicans don’t seem to be interested in while they’re concentrating on gay marriage and gutting Social Security:

-Helping the homeless.
-Helping the ederly.
-Helping the sick.
-Helping children.
-Making sure that Caesar and God are each given their due.

Talk about all those points where Christianity and progressiveness come together. Try it. Just might work.