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Quick Takes: 7/26/06

One more of these while I get back in the groove after a long weekend. Starting fresh tomorrow. More graphic medical visuals in the new poster for Saw III. ComingSoon has a bunch of online ads that are hitting the net for Snakes on a Plane. The British can do horror too, as the trailer… Continue reading Quick Takes: 7/26/06

Site Blather

Speechless – An Open Letter

I've been legitimately and profoundly moved by the outpouring of support from The Viral Community and others in the wake of, as Mack calls it, "The Miami Vice Story." What a powerful and supportive group of bloggers he's assembled and that we're all a part of. I haven't had the time to comment or link… Continue reading Speechless – An Open Letter

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Talkin’ ’bout religion

Moderates say Democrats shouldn't be bashful on religion -- Here's an idea for Democrats. Point out all those things from the Bible that Republicans don't seem to be interested in while they're concentrating on gay marriage and gutting Social Security: -Helping the homeless. -Helping the ederly. -Helping the sick. -Helping children. -Making sure that… Continue reading Talkin’ ’bout religion