There’s been quite a bit of posting being done lately on other blogs about their “mantras” or other things that you should never say or always find yourself saying. It’s basically been a big, funny opportunity for people who are obviously comedy writers at heart to have some fun while also embedding nuggets of wisdom. A little bit of sugar, as they say.

The first one I saw like this was from Mike Manuel, who passed on the good advice “If your best idea in a brainstorm meeting begins with “Let’s partner with X.” Don’t speak.”

Since then I’ve come across:
-Deborah Schultz’s list of things she finds herself saying over and over again.
-Jackie Huba adds, “”Your control over marketing was lost long ago.”
-Oliver Blanchard chimes in with, “What is the one thing that makes people love you and your products?”
-Brian Oberkirch makes a great point – in longer form – when he emphasizes that “It’s not about the tools.”
-I really like David Parmet’s advice, “Try to explain that to me in a way that your mother would understand it.”
-Ryan Anderson deflates a lot of egos when he points out to client, ““I realize that this is your corporate line, but that’s not a story anyone is going to care about.”

There’s not a whole lot I have to add to the great points these other folks have made. If there’s one thing that I find myself saying over and over again, it’s, “How can we empower the people who are most interested in this or already talking about it?” That’s at the top of my mind because I’m a blogger myself and I long for the people who produce the products I talk about to engage with me. Finding people who have already staked out a place for themselves by talking about your company are often going to be your target audience since they’re the influencers for a much wider audience.