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Get your mantra on

There's been quite a bit of posting being done lately on other blogs about their "mantras" or other things that you should never say or always find yourself saying. It's basically been a big, funny opportunity for people who are obviously comedy writers at heart to have some fun while also embedding nuggets of wisdom.… Continue reading Get your mantra on

Misc Marketing

Yahoo! launches video channel

Yahoo! is attempting to take market share away from YouTube and Google Video by launching their own Video channel. It's a good effort, with easy viewing, search and tagging. That being said, I'd love to see some non-MyYahoo RSS feeds and a little bit clearer channel selection. So far the best thing I've found there… Continue reading Yahoo! launches video channel


Protecting marriage

Think Progress » Congressman: We Should ‘Prevent Those Who Commit Adultery or Get a Divorce From Running for Office’ I agree with Rep. Davis (D-TN) with his tongue-in-cheek commentary on protecting marriage. If we're really going to go after the things that are hurting the institution of marriage then we need to stop using that… Continue reading Protecting marriage


Take my corporate blog – Please!

I always like to sit back and watch big stories play out over a period of time. It helps with perspective, both in my own thoughts as well as gauging what other people are saying, not to mention letting all the facts and backstory come in. The latest story that's been cycling through my Bloglines… Continue reading Take my corporate blog – Please!