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Tom Biro also says there are ice cream cones right over there

Via IM: [15:58] Tom: OMG I HEAR THERES A PREVIEW FOR AQUAMAN DURING PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN [15:58] Tom: just kidding. UPDATE: Jason points out that an anchor on CNBC actually talked about Aquaman like it was a real movie, not a fictional one that's a Macguffin on the HBO series Entourage. That's funny stuff.

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Constantin Basturea pointed me to the ongoing discussion on Neville Hobson's blog regarding some, umm, interesting data from Jupiter Research. The firm released a study claiming by the end of the year 35 percent of companies and 70 percent of site operators would have a corporate blog. The problem was that no one seemed to… Continue reading Stonewalling

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Embracing your online fans

The New York Times has stories on how both theater producers and television creators have turned to the web, not only to mine for demographic information but as a way to engage with fans. Sometimes that works out well and sometimes not, but at least they're working out the kinks in the system and engaging.… Continue reading Embracing your online fans

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The Lure of Theocracy – Christianity Today Magazine

The Lure of Theocracy - Christianity Today Magazine Phillip Yancy at ChristianityToday has an article up about the lure of theocratic rule. He uses Islam in the Middle East, where many countries use Islam not as law but guiding cultural principle, as an example. But those who seem to be working so hard to establish… Continue reading The Lure of Theocracy – Christianity Today Magazine