Quick Takes: 6/27/06

A lot of things piled up in the last week that I’m just not going be able to handle individually. Hence, yet another of these bullet-point posts. Sorry.


  • Danny Boyle’s Sunshine (here).
  • Snakes on a Plane TV spot (here).
  • Pan’s Trailer (here).
  • Mimi’s First Time (here).
  • America: Freedom to Fascism (here).


  • Hollywoodland (here).
  • Open Season, Crossover, Trust the Man and Talladega Nights (#2) (here).


  • Kevin Smith really gets the web for movie marketing. (NYT)
  • Spider-Man 3 trailer debuts today. (PRN)
  • Nielsen Media Research overcharges for common sense report on movie marketing effectiveness. (DHW)
  • Christopher Stipp interviews Tim Nett of firm Trailer Park. (QSE)

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