All times Pacific!

[8:18] Dave Winer is opening up BloggerCon IV this morning, and is giving the rundown on how the conferences started, and what it’s all about. He had a fun time mentioning previous events, including BlogNashville from 2005, which he mentioned as being unfortunate for him, if you had been there.

[8:22] Niall Kennedy mentioning how blogging has changed in the last 18 months. Interesting note that the people holding the microphones here are “monitors,” and that you “don’t get to hold the mic.

[ed] Looking for more BloggerCon stuff? Check Technorati for more.

[8:25] Lots of great credits going out from Dave, Jake Luddington, Limelight Networks, Sylvia Paul, Dan Farber, and others.

[8:37] Dave’s talking about making sure people aren’t commercial, and that he doesn’t want to be a “hardass.” Thilk notices that his RSS Feed for the Onion Radio News had a great item entitled “Shark Whisperer Missing At Sea.” Nice.