BloggerCon IV: Jay Rosen – CitJourn

Jay Rosen's Citizen Journalism session - intro here. Doc Searls' notes here [ed: Just like an educator, Jay's on-screen notes ask, as the session begins, for people to move up to the front of the room] [10:53] Doc's notes are going to be invaluable here. Marc Glaser made some fantastic comments about how he does… Continue reading BloggerCon IV: Jay Rosen – CitJourn


BloggerCon IV: PT on Tools

[9:05] Phillip Torrone is talking about using various tools that can be used online to do different things, and he points out that Flickr is, unfortunately, one of the best tools online to show a how-to. He talks about how he used it to show us a few pictures from some how-tos from back-in-the-day. [9:10]… Continue reading BloggerCon IV: PT on Tools


BloggerCon IV: Getting the ball rolling

All times Pacific! [8:18] Dave Winer is opening up BloggerCon IV this morning, and is giving the rundown on how the conferences started, and what it's all about. He had a fun time mentioning previous events, including BlogNashville from 2005, which he mentioned as being unfortunate for him, if you had been there. [8:22] Niall… Continue reading BloggerCon IV: Getting the ball rolling


Out of the bag

It's not quite a full-fledged announcement or anything but Tom, in his warning that we're at Bloggercon IV, mentions that I recently started with him at MWW Group. More on this later. As Tom says he/we are live-blogging the conference over at Open The Dialogue. That will be the primary place for our thoughts on… Continue reading Out of the bag

Movie Marketing Madness

Movie Marketing Madness: Click

Let me state right off the bat that I think Adam Sandler just might be a minion of the devil. I'm not saying he is the devil (that's Rob Schnieder) but he's definitely working in some way shape or form for the dark side. There was one brief moment when I thought he was going… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Click