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Movie Marketing Madness: Mission Impossible III

It's funny how the Mission: Impossible franchise has moved along. The first movie was a pretty big success but then the sequels have progressed with fits and starts amid rumors of directorial choices, potential co-stars and when star Tom Cruise would have time in his schedule to fit them in. For such a big name… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Mission Impossible III

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Subscribe to MMM emails

Some of you may not be hip to the whole RSS subscribing game and that's cool. There's now a way to get MMM updates delivered to you everyday via email. Down on the right, under the "Subscribe to MMM" heading there's now a box for you to put in your email address and get automatically… Continue reading Subscribe to MMM emails

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Deep Focus launched Deep Dish blog

Movie marketing agency Deep Focus has launched a blog called The Deep Dish. Being from Chicago that name is sure to get my attention. Looks like Deep Focus CEO Ian Schafer is writing the blog himself and that's a good thing. Schafer is one of those guys who just seems to get "it." Technorati tags:… Continue reading Deep Focus launched Deep Dish blog