Odds & Ends: 5/1/06

  • Funny classic trailer for a movie called Pagan Island. Looks like the kind of movie that would have made for great MST3K material.
  • Fantastic post by The Risky Biz Blog on Hollywood’s embrace of The Long Tail.
  • Mack gets into it once more with a look at the marketing of 90’s folk music star Jewel and how she could do it better. Listen and learn.
  • Davis Freeberg goes over the core issues of how Blockbuster has completely dropped the ball in its fight against Netflix. Great read.
  • Over at AdJab I put up a bit on the anti-Da Vinci campaign being run by an Australian church.
  • Adverlicio.us has launched as an aggregation site for online ads such as banners and other graphics. Great resource for someone looking for trends in online advertising.
  • Stephen Colbert is my hero.
  • Both Jeff Jarvis and the Boston Globe comment on the new influencers in the age of what I’m dubbing the Everycritic. Let’s see, studios are marginalizing critics by cutting out screenings and the audience is marginalizing critics by embracing the fact that they can make up their own damm minds. Hmmm. Let’s see how this turns out.
  • Happy anniversary.