Trailer Round-up for 3/28/06

Things are a little crazy here at MMM headquarters, which of course coincides with a whole mess of new trailers. In order to clear out the queue I thought I’d offer this round-up instead of a whole bunch of separate posts.

  • The promotional reel Warner Bros. created to promote Poseidon at ShoWest is now online.
  • The 9/11/01 drama Flight 93 gets a fantastic full trailer but has been renamed United 93, which I think is less effective.
  • An American Haunting is trailered.
  • Even more Donald Sutherland in this trailer for American Gun.
  • Waist Deep is hip deep in crap.
  • Flicka is exactly what it you would expect it to be.
  • Keeping up With the Steins looks pretty funny but will likely die before anyone has a chance to notice.
  • Steve Carell looks to extend his career beyond comedy with what seems to be a great turn in Little Miss Sunshine. The rest of the cast seems solid as well. This could be a surprise hit.