MMM logo contest winner!

Check out the new logo for Movie Marketing Madness! It was designed by Greg Petrin who unfortunately doesn’t have a blog I can promote here. If, however, you need some good fast design and graphics work done drop him a line at I’ll be posting that email address in the left-hand navbar soon. Many thanks to Greg for this fantastic looking logo.

Chicago XXX blogging

I’m a huge fan of the band Chicago and so I’m psyched about the release of XXX, their first full album of new material in 15 years. The record doesn’t hit shelves until next Tuesday but right now Clear Channel has a stream of the entire album up for your listening pleasure.

The album seems to have been divided in a very Side 1/2 way. The first half-dozen or so songs are ballads, primarily sung by tenor Jason Scheff. After that, though, Robert Lamm and Bill Champlin take over a bunch of the vocals and the album gets groovy and the band starts to rock a bit more. If you’re looking for a good bunch of music click over there and give it a listen.

MMM follow-ups

One of the hazards of writing my columns so far in advance of opening day (about a week) is that all the marketing moves haven’t fully been implemented yet. There are two solutions to this. Either I don’t publish any column until Friday and then do everything or I do a follow-up post such as this. I’m going to go with the latter.

First off, the official website for Thank You For Smoking has been updated. I think I got everything that is there now in my column except for The Daily Naylor. It’s a blog of sorts from the main character, cigarette spin-master Nick Naylor. You can subscibe to it either via email or RSS, which is cool. Thanks to Kirk from Real Pie Media for the heads-up. (Kirk also runs the FilmPlug website which is now on my daily reading list.)

Secondly, V For Vendetta, which I just covered yesterday, has launched two pages on MySpace. The first is the for the title character V and there’s also one for Chancellor Sutler, the leader of the government in the movie. Neither are all that stocked with content and seem to exist primarily to take advantage of the networking the MySpace allows for.

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