Getting things right

I just want to say one thing before I take off for the weekend. I strive, here on MMM and everywhere else, to get everything I can right. Do I screw up and type the name of one studio when I meant the other. That happens and I try to correct it as soon as … Continue reading Getting things right

Movie Marketing & Consumer Control document

For completeness sake I've combined all three parts of the "Movie Marketing & Consumer Control" series onto one Writely page which you can view here. If anyone has any further questions on this just let me know and thanks to all the people who picked the individual parts of this up as they were posted. … Continue reading Movie Marketing & Consumer Control document

Digg me!

I'm not asking for people to do so, but I thought it was cool that someone on the "what's cool" social site Digg "dugg" Part 1 of the Consumer Control series. That's a first for MMM. Neat.

Movie Marketing Madness: The Hills Have Eyes

It's like a mashup of National Lampoon's Vacation and, I don't know, The Beast of Yucca Flats with a little bit of Manos, the Hands of Fate mixed in for good measure. A family goes on vacation only to find themselves stranded in a government-run atomic zone that's home to mutants who wind up hunting … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Hills Have Eyes