Quick Takes: 3/6/06

Too much good stuff and not enough time.

  • Shel Holtz points to a Washington Post article that emphasizes the pratical benefits to blog monitoring.
  • Corante has a nice series of links in case you need to play catch-up on the NewCommForum that recently wrapped-up.  This is what the blogosphere was talking about while traditional media was discussing the AAAA conference in Orlando.
  • I have to admit that as hard as I try I don’t get what’s so exciting or neat about MySpace. Despite my thick-headedness the service is apparently twice as big as the entire rest of the blogosphere.
  • There’s a quote in this article about AP’s new video service only being IE compatible that says much more clearly a point I’ve tried to make.  San Jose Mercury News web editor Michael Bazeley says, ““I can’t believe we’re still foisting platform issues on our users.”
  • I never saw how having the blogosphere become an “echo chamber” was dangerous.  Boring, maybe, but not dangerous.  There will always be someone who will come along and kick the system in the pants when an environment becomes too navel-gazing.  Just keep looking for that person.
  • The Machine continues to prove just how valueable he is by providing this list of new or recently changed PR and communications blogs.
  • The curtain is lifted on pitching practices in this interview with Fortune Magazine’s Adam Lashinsky. (via Eric Tatro)
  • Some enterprising students got together and put together this list of newspapers who best utilize blogs.