SXSW trailer

This site has two torrents of the trailer for movies being screened at this year’s SXSW festival. Click here for the complete list of movies that will be there. It’s a neat way to promote the movies going there. Too bad it’s not something the festival itself is doing.

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Things getting interesting

Movie Marketing Madness is starting to get some attention, based a great deal on this post.   Some of the highlights of things that have happened this week include getting interviewed by a U.K. film magazine, being asked if I’d everdone any consulting and if I’d like to do so, being offered a by-lined editorial opportunity an a marketing website and having some of my commentary picked up by the L.A. Times.  So overall it’s been an interesting week.

I’m looking into taking MMM to the next level.  That includes a couple of things, chiefly buying my own domain for the site.  There are a couple other points but I’ve not yet decided on them but stuff could be chanding soon.