The life-cycle of a blog post

Just yesterday I mentioned Eric Zorn’s “23-steps to RSS” post on the Tribune’s Change of Subject blog.  (I didn’t realize it at the time but I later discovered the Trib has finally added a pretty good slate of RSS feeds so Zorn’s post was likely part of that.)

Later in the day Steve Rubel picked up on it.

This morning it made it to LifeHacker.

Is four degrees linkage huge?  No, some really popular posts likely have many times that number.  The point is that good content, no matter the subject of matter or level of sophistication, will get spread around the net on its own power.  (Or you can game the system to make yourself look important.)  It went from Zorn (a local columnist/blogger) to me to Rubel (who’s so huge he needed a bigger agency to contain him) to LifeHacker, which is read by people in all industries and all levels of sophistication.  That’s power.

Some of the commenters on Steve’s blog take issue over how non-savvy the 23 steps seem to be but that’s the point – Zorn was talking to the around 95% of the population that don’t yet get RSS.  It’s the job of early-adopters to educate the late comers and help them get up to speed.