The title of this post may sound a little odd but I want it taken very literally.  Companies should not hire someone from the outside to blog for them.  That includes PR practictioners at outside agencies.  Here’s a list of reasons why:

  • They don’t know your company or its history
  • They will leave at the first sign of a bigger paycheck
  • They don’t know your compnay or its history
  • You might be able to exercise more control over what they say but that means a loss of authenticity in the voice on the blog
  • They don’t know your company or its history

Instead of hiring someone to write a blog that will be the external voice of your company, find a passionate employee and enable them.  Make sure they know what’s acceptable and not, but otherwise give them the power and the support to go forth and blog.  That’s why blogs are so popular and pervasive, because the people writing about movie marketing and other such topics aren’t being paid to do so, they’re writing because they have a passion and the power to share that passion with others.  If you find an employee that has that kind of passion and whom you trust to share that in a responsible manner than goodness gracious you should throw your arms around them and get a blog set up for them right away.