Neil Young: Heart of Gold trailer

I’ve just recently fully discovered Neil Young’s music. I always appreciated what music of his I had heard but knew very little beyond what I heard on the radio. Thanks to my brother I now fully appreciate this magnificent artist. That’s why this trailer for the concert film Heart of Gold, directed by Jonathan Demme, looks so great. Chronicling a series of shows Young performed at the Ryman Auditorium (home of the Grand Old Opry) Heart of Gold is the portrait of an artist as an older man. Looks great.

Pure trailer

A ten-year old boy takes matters into his own hands to save what’s left of his family and forces his drug-addict mother to face her problems. That’s the story of Pure. The trailer looks pretty good but a bit, I don’t know, lean. There could have been a little more meat on the bones of it and that would have made it a bit more effective.

What’s interesting is that this movie appears to be four years old. Made in the U.K., the movie is now being released in what seems to be a move to capitalize on Kiera Knightly’s popularity here. Knightly has what looks to be a smallish role but she’s front and center on the poster for the flick. Interesting.

American Storytellers trailer

Four directors are interviewed in the documentary American Storytellers, including John Sayles, Harold Ramis and Forest Whitaker. It’s all about the creative process and how they started and have navigated the murky waters of Hollywood and the studios. Looks pretty interesting and definitely a cut above the normal EW-type interview. Check out the trailer here.

Click trailer

Adam Sandler has, in the past, done some good work. I didn’t particularly care for Punch-Drunk Love but it was light years better than the “comedies” he’s starred in. My point is that he’s obviously trying to have a career similar to Robin Williams in that he’s started to do dramatic roles in addition to the goofy frat-boy type parts. He’s getting older so it’s going to get harder and harder to pull those off.

Instead of going all-in to a new dramatic role in his new movie Click it looks like he’s trying to slowly transition in a movie that seems to split the difference. One minute it’s a warm family story the next Sandler is acting like a goofball. The trailer is actually pretty good but relies way too much on the latter material. My guess is that people are going to go see this expecting a Sandler-esque comedy and get something that’s not quite that and be disappointed.