A call to action on RSS

OK, I've done my complaining and moaning over the universal RSS icon that Microsoft and Mozilla have agreed upon.  I've stated my belief that what's needed is not a shiny package but better education on the whats, whys and wherefores of RSS.  So instead of just being a 30-year old internet version of Andy Rooney… Continue reading A call to action on RSS


Why the word blog no longer matters

I just visited the website for The Food Channel.  The outlet originated as a mailed newsletter to foodies and eventually branched out to the web, as did most publications in some form or another.  Well now they've switched what was a standard website to one driven off a blogging platform (not sure which one but… Continue reading Why the word blog no longer matters


More on that darn icon

Both Neville Hobson and Steve Rubel jump on the RSS icon bandwagon, saying that it's incumbent on blog and website publishers to get the icon that Mozille and Microsoft teams agreed upon on their blogs.  I'll think I'll just stay right I am and not jump into action right now, thank you. As Tom Biro… Continue reading More on that darn icon

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Failure to Launch trailer

God, this looks awful. Matthew McConahaeyeetyee plays a 35-year old who still lives with his parents (the one inspired part of the movie is casting Terry Bradshaw as his father. That's perfect). Sarah Jessica Parker is the "Professional Motivator" who, while she's simulating a relationship with him, actually does fall in love with him. Just… Continue reading Failure to Launch trailer

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You, Me & Dupree trailer

Owen Wilson, Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson star in You, Me & Dupree. Dillon and Hudson play newlyweds who wind up taking in Wilson, the best man at their wedding, after he has some difficulties. Seems to be the latest in the recent trend of adult-oriented comedies and looks pretty funny, especially when Wilson explains… Continue reading You, Me & Dupree trailer

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Date Movie trailers

In the tradition of, and from some of the writers of, Scary Movie and others comes Date Movie starring Alyson Hannigan. As you can see from the teaser and full theatrical trailers it's one of these that feels the more references and situations from other movies you throw in the funnier it will be. Poor… Continue reading Date Movie trailers

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest official website

Disney has put up the official website for Pirates of the Caribbean: Deadman's Chest. So far there's just the trailer, some downloads and a photo gallery containing a mix of stills and production art. (Hat tip to ComingSoon)

Movie Marketing Madness

Movie Marketing Madness: 2005 Wrap-Up

(FilmThreat - 12/25/05) And so, my friends, we come to the end of 2005. What was the biggest movie story of 2005? Was it Tom Cruise obviously going off the meds he's been on for 20 years just prior to going on Oprah? Was it the return of the true adult oriented R-rated comedy? No,… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: 2005 Wrap-Up

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Casanova clips

Got three new clips for you this morning from the Heath Ledger-starring Casanova, as well as a still of co-star Sienna Miller. Enjoy! Clip #1: Anything Quicktime Windows Media Clip #2: Inquisition Quicktime Windows Media Clip #3: My Daughter Quicktime Windows Media