V For Vendetta trailer

Warner Bros. has released the new trailer for V For Vendetta, the dystopian-future adventure drama starring Natalie Portman. It’s fantastic as it gives us a well-rounded background on the story while still serving up plenty of kick-ass action scenes. I have to say it not only increased my interest in the movie by also for the source graphic novel. The movie looks so slick I can hardly believe it while still presenting a world that appears to be perpetually rain-drenched and dreary.

Tsotsi poster

Check out the poster for Tsotsi, the trailer for which I mentioned the other day. If I had to use one word to describe it I’d say “striking” would just about cover it.

Fun With Dick & Jane Netflix ads

I was just about to post that I hadn’t seen a scan yet, but sure enough HackingNetflix comes through once again. They have a scan of the ads for Fun With Dick & Jane that are now appearing in Netflix envelopes.

Family Stone as alternate Kong programming

Part of the criticism over the marketing of The Family Stone was that it played up the laughs too much for a movie that really was more of a drama with a few laughs sprinkled throughout. Well MediaBistro (by way of BeyondMadisonAvenue) says that was intentional. The idea was to create a strong alternative for women to King Kong. Since Kong wasn’t tracking well with women anyway Stone was positioned specifically to steal numbers away from Kong over the weekend.

Ads for The Matador viral site

adfreak points out a series of ads that ran in the New York Times yesterday that asked about a frustrating topic and included the URL www.juliannoble.com. When you bring that site up it looks like the corporate site for a contract killer but click on any of the links and the site crumbles to reveal the official site for The Matador. Noble is the name of the character played by Peirce Brosnan. Nice way to create buzz for the movie and an especially strong way to urge newspaper readers to visit the site. Very coo.