In case you’re still new to the wonderful world of RSS (I seriously don’t know how I read the web without it) MarketingProfs has beginner’s course geared toward corporate usage of the technology.

The first step, and one that proved vital in my own education, was to approach RSS as an end-user.  If you try and just dive in to how to use it for business you’ll probably come at it from the wrong angle.  By using it first you can see how you like to receive, organize and ultimately read your RSS subscriptions.  That at least gives you a starting point when you try and integrate them into your corporate communications strategy.

After that you can figure out what you’re going to push to RSS, how you’re going to do so, how to publicize it and then measure the results.  As you go along and brainstorm on this – as well as getting feedback from users – you’ll discover all sorts of uses for the technology.