Libertine theatrical trailer

The Weinstein Co. has released the theatrical trailer for The Libertine starring Johnny Depp. It's not too much different than the teaser version, just fleshed out a bit more. It opens with a very skeletal Depp intoning that we will not like him before we are served scenes of debauchery and other antics. John Malkovich … Continue reading Libertine theatrical trailer

New York premiere Kong pic

Jeffrey Wells has a picture, the only one I've found so far, of the huge King Kong statue from last night's premiere festivities. If you're interested surf over there to check it out (about a quarter of the way down the page.)

X-Men 3 teaser trailer

It's finally here - the teaser trailer for X-Men 3. Spoilers below so be warned. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . We get solid looks at both Angel and Beast, two founding members of the X-Men who had to wait until … Continue reading X-Men 3 teaser trailer