TypePad gets PR right

I’m a bit late in talking about this, but TypePad really has done a great job of confronting the recent illwill generated by constant outages and slowness.  As Katherine Stone of Decent Marketing notes, the blogging company contacted its users about free extension to their contract and let the user decide how much was appropriate.  “Do you feel you deserve 15, 30,45 or no free days of service” was the gist of the response.  They probably got off pretty ease since most people who aren’t power users weren’t that affected and so opted for a lower payback.  Even those that might have been inconvenienced probably felt bad picking a higher amount and so went with 15 or 30 days.  Most of all, it played into the whole idea of empowering the user base and not making them accept a dictate from on high.  Well done.


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