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Superman Returns official site

I'm sorry, but I'm just so giddy right now. Bear with me as I try to maintain som sort of coherence. Warner Bros. has seriously upgraded the official site for Superman Returns, opening next summer. The site now has a good number of features that will no doubt be fleshed out as the six or… Continue reading Superman Returns official site

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Google Publication Ads launches

Over at AdJab I, thanks to a heads-up from Tom Biro, start exploring just what Google Publication Ads might be. The service, which has launched in beta (big whoop) marks Google's official entry into the print-ad buying and reselling market. Stay tuned because we'll definitely be following this.

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King Kong promo to air during Shrek

According to Anna at TV Squad, Universal Pictures will promote King Kong with a four-minute teaser reel during an airing of Shrek on NBC November 27. While Anna is correct in that Kong might not be as kid-friendly as the green ogre, the connection is corporate more than anything. Shrek is a Dreamworks production and… Continue reading King Kong promo to air during Shrek

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Air I Breathe poster

Pretty cool poster for what sounds like a trippy film, The Air I Breathe starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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Edison official site and trailer

Edison tells the story of a corrupt city whose officials become threatened when a single reporter (a frighteningly out of his league Justin Timberlake) begins to expose the truth. The official site for the movie has launched, containing a trailer and some other preliminary materials. The trailer is pretty good, with what seem to be… Continue reading Edison official site and trailer

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Interview with Mirko Parlevliet

(Update 2/20/06: Perry Wang just emailed me to let me know he is no longer at Media Revolution. He's now at Trigger. I've removed MR's name from my notes on the interview below) I had an opportunity to interview Mirko Parlevliet recently. Even if you don't know the name you know what Mirko has contributed… Continue reading Interview with Mirko Parlevliet

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Munich trailer

Finally watched the trailer for Munich. You know how wooden Eric Bana seemed in The Hulk? He's exactly the opposite in this trailer, instead seeming very passionate and fiery. The feeling that struck me the most is that Spielberg might finally be meshing the best aspects of his recent visual style (best seen in Minority… Continue reading Munich trailer

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Mrs. Henderson Presents trailer

Check out the trailer for Mrs. Henderson Presents. The movie tells the story of a widow who inherits a theater in WWII London and decides what the public needs is a nude woman on stage (an idea I'm behind on every conceivable level). It's a fast-moving and witty trailer and looks fantastic. Pay special close… Continue reading Mrs. Henderson Presents trailer