AdAge is running a poll asking if employers should allow their workers to read blogs at work.  As Joseph Jaffe rightly says, “I’m astounded by the nerve of MSM to even ask the question.”

Does AdAge – do employers for that matter – even realize how much of that reading is relevant to the industry they operate in?  If anything I would think that employers should encourage their employees to read blogs as a way to expand their knowledge and toolset.  Granted, there’s going to be some times that people will slip in a search for the teaser trailer to Superman Returns.  That’s not that much different than the time spent around the fabled watercooler in the grand old days, though.  Instead of attaching a stigma of doing something “wrong” to blog reading let’s educate both employees and customers on how they can use them as a knowledge base.

If you’re going to ban blogs than you need to make it a uniform policy for all media.  If you can’t read a blog than the company should also confiscate copies of US Weekly, Time Magazine and the newspaper at the door to make sure there is no outside media being consumed during the work day.  That includes copies of Advertising Age.  All knowledge must come from corporately approved sources.  When they’re willing to take that step then they discuss banning blogs.

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