OK, I thought I would say this one more time: If you are from a studio, an agency working with a studio or someone who does marketing on behalf of a studio or other entertainment outlet, drop me a line at moviemarketingmadness-at-gmail-dot-com. I love hearing from the few people who have contacted me and have gotten a lot of good material to pass on from them. Your studio could be among that group but first you have to talk to me.

The reason this is on my mind is that today alone I’ve noticed visites to MMM from at least four major movie studios and yet nary a contact. I’m not setting myself as the end-all-be-all in movie marketing news but the more resources I have to draw on means my readership could increase and so on and so on and so on. I definitely agree with this article from PR Week:

The online survey polled 821 bloggers and found that half wrote about a company or product at least once a week. When asked how they would like a company to contact them, only 2% said they didn’t want companies to do so. A majority of respondents favored a personalized e-mail.

But only 16% of bloggers reported that companies or their PR firms generally attempt to interact with them in a personalized manner, and only 21% reported at least weekly correspondence from companies or their PR representatives. And they reported much of the contact as a simple press release.

So drop me an email and let me know what’s going on, what’s new and what is happening in your neck of the woods. If you want to send me physical swag that would be great and will definitely review it here. Those little trinkets go farther with me than they do with general movie reviewers. They just see them as items used to butter them up. I see them as material to be reviewed. Think about it, columnists and reviewers rarely mention the promotional items whereas that would be all I would do.

UPDATE: I corrected the spam-proof typing of my email address. Thanks to Andrew for pointing that out.