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New Chronicles of Narnia trailer and more

Surf over to Moviefone for a look at the second full-length trailer for Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Can't say as this one works any better (or, to be fair, worse) than the first one. It still get the feeling that Disney is trying way way to hard to position [...]

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Slither trailer

Nathan Fillion, the once and future Capt. Mal Reynolds stars in his first big-screen flick after the wonderful but underperforming Serenity. Slither looks to be a horror-comedy that might just be enough to get me to see it. Instead of mining the WB's talent roster for stars they actually seemed to have cast actors who [...]

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New Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire TV spot

Scroll down to "TV Spot 3" on this page at ComingSoon to view the new TV spot for Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire. It's short and emphasizes the tournament that seems to be at the center of the story for this installment. If you're interested in the continuing adventures of the boy wizard [...]

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MMM Podcast: Show #1 October 23, 2005

MMM: The Podcast Show #1, Octobr 23, 2005. (Click here to go directly to the show.) Show Notes: This Week's MMM Column: Doom (Pete Vonder Haar's review) Mini MMM: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (Clint Morris' review) Shopgirl Other North Country (Pete Vonder Haar's review) Stay Misc. Musings AdFreak mentions my rant on Elizabethtown's character blog [...]