Transamerica poster

While I’m sure the movie is pretty good (based solely on the fact that star Felicity Huffman is a great actress) this poster for her gender-bending movie Transamerica blows. It really looks like it’s trying to sell it as a wacky comedy and not as a drama, which is the impression I get of the movie. Bad on the Weinsteins, who should know better how to market their products.

Legend of Zorro preview

Columbia Pictures will use an upcoming airing of The Mask of Zorro to promote the soon-to-be-released sequel The Legend of Zorro. The October 27th showing of the original movie on TBS will conclude with a six-and-a-half minute promotional reel including clips from the movie and interviews with stars Antonio Bandares and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Underworld: Evolution trailer

Based on the trailer for Underworld: Evolution it looks like some people (hopefully Kate Beckinsdale) get naked, which was the only thing missing from the original (the subject of my vary first Movies on the Brain column).

At the very least we get more of Beckinsdale in tight black leather (give me a moment…alright) as she jumps 20 stories straight down, shoots things and otherwise kicks ass while trying to win the war between werewolves and vampires. There are so many quick cuts in this 2:30 trailer I think we may have gotten a glimpse of every shot in the movie right here. It’s not particulary exciting and very much for fans of the first movie, a group which does not include my brother-in-law.

The Ringer trailer

You could view the trailer for this alleged comedy starring Johnny Knoxville or you could take five shots of Liquid Plumber and then ask for a apendecotomy without anesthesia. You decide which one will be more painful.

Matador trailer

Well this just isn’t going to turn out well. On the one hand you have Greg Kinnear trying to play a nice normal guy who gets mixed up with an assassin played by Peirce Brosnan. On the other you have Brosnan who appears to not know what movie he’s in. I’m all for comedic performances but by the looks of the trailer, The Matador will not be either funny or even mildly entertaining.

Besides, this plot concept was done much more effectively in Ripley’s Game a couple years ago.

Freedomland trailer

I’m pretty sure I read the Richard Price book Freedomland is adapted (by price himself) from but honestly I don’t remember a thing about it. Not the plot, not the characters – nothing. So I’m not completely sure whether the movie, the trailer of which you can view here, follows the book to any degree. I can tell you the best parts of the trailer are those with Edie Falco in them. I usually love Julianne Moore but I really hope her part in the larger film is bigger and more interesting than the trailer would indicate. Likewise Samuel L. Jackson needs to learn to keep saying “yes” to these types of roles and start saying “no” to movies like The Man.