X-Men 3 official site launched

Check out the new official site for X-Men 3 from Fox. There’s not much there now but the barest of teaser trailers but there will be more soon. Have I mentioned that I’m not really looking forward to this sequel? And have I also mentioned that that’s solely because of Brett Ratner’s filling the director’s chair?

New Pink Panther poster

There’s a new one-sheet from Sony for The Pink Panther. It’s an alright poster but the question is when – or if – this movie will be released. It’s suffered from such bad buzz and so many scheduling delays that it’s future is anything but certain. In all seriousness I know this will be released but I don’t think it will do well.

Marketing blamed for Kingdom of Heaven failure

Jeffery Wells passes along word that Kingdom of Heaven director Ridley Scott is taking 20th Century Fox to task over their mis-marketing of his epic flick. His thesis is that by playing up the romantic story elements the studio misled the public out of a fear that the Muslim vs. Christian plot would anger some people. Of course people asked just that question before he started shooting the darn thing so let’s not rely too much on this claim.

Is Scott right on the surface? I think so. The marketing efforts for Kingdom definitely did play up the hot and heavy chain mail loving and focused not at all on how there were going to be thousands of (digitally created) Christians trying to take back Jerusalem from the Muslim occupants. But don’t make a movie that’s coming under criticism and then say the marketing was wrong because it was trying to avoid just that criticism. That’s not a logical argument.

The Fog forgoes screenings

According to Karina Sony decided to skip the usual screenings for today’s release of The Fog. As she says, that usually means they have so little faith in the movie that they’re not risking the bad buzz those screenings might create. Unfortunately this is such an obvious and well known tactic that the concept has little to no effectiveness. Expect this one to bomb.

Curious George trailer

This is a wonderful trailer for this animated adaptation of the children’s book classics. Not only is it actual animation – as opposed to CGI – but it’s not filled with pop-culture references and scatalogical humor. It looks, if the trailer is an accurate indication, as if this is an actual family-friendly movie. Does anyone remember what those are like? I’m almost to point of forgetting. Anyway, check it out.

Ferrell’s line reading sound a bit stiff and I’m afraid we’ll find the comedic effect he’s had is as much in his physical presence as the lines he’s given. Is that good to know for the futre? Sure. Does it mean this movie might not be as good as it could be? That’s also a possibility.