The Week in MMM: 9/23/05

OK, not a lot of time to give everything its own post today so you get a recap. This is done for your benefit and so that I can clear out my RSS reader of saved items. I’m going to break off trailers into a separate post, though, since there are so many I still have to watch.

General News

  • Studios are marketing films that might not even be religous is nature to churches after watching what church groups did to help The Passion of the Christ.
  • Shel Holtz sees studios utilizing “independent” bloggers to promote their films as an ever-more popular tool. The instance that got his attention with Universal’s giving blog writers early screening passes to Serenity. Shortly after I read this I noticed Josh Marshall was doing just this – with a good explanation of how and why – on his site.
  • U.S. customers of cell phone company Cingular will be just about the only ones in the world not able to access a wireless game involving Wallace & Gromit


  • Rob McKittrick, the director of Waiting, has a blog which touches on the film’s production.
  • Columbia launched the official site for Zorro 2: The Return of Catherine Zeta Jones’ Cleavage.
  • Fox has put up a site for the thriller Stay, starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor.


  • ComingSoon has two batches of international Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire posters.
  • There’s a third poster out now for Saw II.
  • I really like this one-sheet for Three…Extremes, a movie I hadn’t heard about until now.
  • I disagree with JoBlo on this, I do not think this new poster for In Her Shoes is attractive in any way, shape or form.
  • No way this poster for Feel the Love, which looks kind of interesting, makes the cut to be actually released to the public. This will get changed within days, I’d bet.
  • The Matador one-sheet looks very cool.