Just Friends trailer

It seems there might be more to the plot of this Ryan Reynolds comedy then I initially thought. He plays a music producer who, while on tour with a band fronted by a hot chick (Anna Ferris) runs into his dream girl from high school (Amy Smart). The problem is that in high school he was fat with no social skills and now he’s skinny with no social skills.

The trailer sets all that up pretty well. The last shot is great, with Reynolds just wordlessly chucking snowballs at a neighbor who has wished him a Merry Christmas. I’ve got some expectation that the trailer doesn’t contain all the movie’s funny bits.

Chicken Little TV spots

Check out this new TV spot for Disney’s Chicken Little. I’m not sure it’s as effective as it could be since, while it gives the story in very broad strokes, it spends a lot of time on one joke for which we are not given the context. It’s a thirty second spot and it seems like a third of that time is spent on that one joke. While it might be hilarious within the movie it just sort of sits there in the commercial.

Anywhere, here are the links for a variety sizes and formats:

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Light posting ahead

I may not be getting to all the things I want to over the next couple of weeks. Specifically, there may be some movies I want to cover here on the blog as “Mini MMM” pieces but won’t have the time for. My company is sending me on some trips to speak to PRSA chapters on blogs, RSS and podcasting and so five out of the next ten business days will be spent going to or coming from O’Hare International Airport. It’s exciting stuff but prep work and actual traveling means less time to spout my half-thought out opinions on recent movie campaigns.

Superman Returns teaser trailer

I don’t quite know whether to call this an actual teaser trailer for Superman Returns or not. It’s a promotional reel that was shown at a recent Comic-Con gathering that certainly looks like a teaser. Ahh heck, I’ll just keep it simple and call it that.

Anyway, this teaser is very cool. I’m excited about director Bryan Singer’s concept of using the first two movies as the jumping off point for this new installment and the footage in this one establishes just that conceit. You see the Fortress of Solitude, the Daily Planet building, even a rooftop garden that no working journalist would be able to afford. You really have to watch it for yourself.

It occurs to me that DC is now doing with it’s comic characters just what Marvel did four or five years ago. Take a director that is talented, give him a story to create and work with and let him make an actual movie, not just a commercial for action figure tie-ins. Marvel did it with X-Men (Bryan Singer) and Spider-Man (Sam Raimi) in 2000 and 2001 respectively. Now DC has done it with Batman Begins (Christopher Nolan) and will do it with Superman Returns (Singer, poached from the X-Men franchise) and then Wonder Woman (Buffy creator Joss Whedon). Nothing better epitomizes Marvel’s shift to just wanting to generate cash from trying to create quality product like their hiring of Brett Ratner to direct the new X-Men flick.

11/18 UPDATE: The official teaser trailer has been released. Read my thoughts on it here.

New international Serenity poster

Still don’t like these international posters for Serenity as much as I like the U.S. version. This one takes more or less the same images from the earlier one and repositions the characters.