• I love this list of someone’s daily routine while writing a novel.
  • Matt McAlister points us to a one-click RSS subscription solution.
  • Despite the fact that we keep hearing RSS has yet to reach any notable market penetration MediaPace says, “RSS is coming of age.”
  • The Wikipedia is getting more and more popular as both a research tool and as a source of recent news.
  • I just bought an iPod Mini (6GB) for my wife and now they introduce the iPod Nano.  Damn you, Steve Jobs.
  • Technorati has launched Blog Finder, a way to categorize and find the most important blogs on a subject.  Of course since there are no humans involved in this the concept is ripe for the possiblities of spam and corruption.
  • Steve Rubel and Joseph Jaffe have teamed up for the Across the Sound podcast.

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