See you around…

I’m going to be speaking at a few PRSA events in a few weeks on the topic of blogs, RSS, podcasting and more.  The focus of my presentation is on how blogs can be used, both to gather information and to communicate with an audience, from a corporate perspective.  Here’s where I’ll be and when I’ll be there:

Thursday, 9/22: PRSA Annapolis/Anne Arundel County, MD

Tuesday, 9/27: PRSA Springfield, MO

Friday, 9/30: PRSA Little Rock, AR

These will be my first forays into public speaking since college and, while nervous, I’m also very excited about it.  I’m just flattered to be asked to speak on the subject to these groups.  It’s been an interesting process deciding what factual information and what anecdotal stories to include.  If you’re a PRSA member in these areas I’ll look forward to meeting you.

Quick Takes: 9/8/05

  • I love this list of someone’s daily routine while writing a novel.
  • Matt McAlister points us to a one-click RSS subscription solution.
  • Despite the fact that we keep hearing RSS has yet to reach any notable market penetration MediaPace says, “RSS is coming of age.”
  • The Wikipedia is getting more and more popular as both a research tool and as a source of recent news.
  • I just bought an iPod Mini (6GB) for my wife and now they introduce the iPod Nano.  Damn you, Steve Jobs.
  • Technorati has launched Blog Finder, a way to categorize and find the most important blogs on a subject.  Of course since there are no humans involved in this the concept is ripe for the possiblities of spam and corruption.
  • Steve Rubel and Joseph Jaffe have teamed up for the Across the Sound podcast.