First off, thanks to those of you have have commented or dropped me an email. Believe me, I’m taking them into consideration. I did want, though, to clear up exactly what I’m looking for and what my concerns are.

Combine, not eliminate, the content from Movie Marketing Madness and Public Relations Ramblings (can you tell I have a thing for three-word alliteration?) under one blog.
Do so on a blogging platform that supports categories.
Do so on a blog that would allow me to put AdSense listings and other affiliate links like I have on MMM. That means HTML editing is needed.

Would the PRR content bore MMM readers and vice versa?
In my quest for one home for this stuff am I organizing myself right out of an audience?
TypePad only allows HTML editing for their Pro-level users, which I can’t afford right now.

So there you have it, my intents and question marks. Thanks again for listening to me ramble on about this.