Movie Journal Quick Takes

OK, once again there’s just no time to write full reviews of the movies I’ve watched recently. That and it’s the thing I’m least comfortable with means that instead of even trying to and failing I may turn the Movie Journal into a weekly column-type post.

There are other, older movies I’ve watched but I’m only blogging the ones I’ve seen for the first time. Nobody needs to know I’ve watched Animal House for the 12th time in the last three years or just finished Scrubs: Season 1. Enjoy.

Bright Young Things: A pretty good character drama with an intriguing core story. Quite funny and moving, I was surprised to realize, and an overall good flick.

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle: Funny as hell, even when you’re stone sober. The bit where they go hanggliding reminded me of the scene from M*A*S*H where Klinger does the same thing as part of his bid for a Section 8. Loose and funny, a very entertaining movie with some pretty good performances.

Napolean Dynamite: OK, here’s where I diverge with the majority opinion. I didn’t think there were more than a handful of good lines and not very funny, dramatic or anything else. Maybe it’s because I didn’t see it until after so many others had sung its praises but I didn’t think it was all that. Seemed like a Wes Anderson/Coen Brothers rip-off more than anything.

Spanglish: Oh my God did I want to strangle Tea Leoni by the end of this movie. Shrill and hateful without a loving bone in her body I really wonder what James L. Brooks was thinking by ultimately having Adam Sandler stay with her. Was he trying to say that if you’re a guy then any sort of self-protection is bad and should be avoided? I’m not saying he should have run off with the housekeeper but boy Sandler’s character should have learned something by the end.

Zoolander: Another very funny outing by the Comedy Clicque. Ben Stiller is at his best when just going for over-the-top as opposed to everyman humor and Christine Taylor proves she’s much (X 20) funnier then Teri Polo, Stiller’s costar in the Meet The… films. I didn’t realize Vince Vaughn had a non-speaking role as one of Zoolander’s coal-miner brothers until the second time he was on screen.

Open Water: Disturbing on a level I wasn’t expecting. At first I didn’t think it was going to be that good but the ending freaked me out. I kept waiting for something tragically ironic or some such but it didn’t come which made me respect it all the more since the filmmakers didn’t go for a nice bow-tie wrapped ending. I liked it.