RSS issues

When I logged into my Bloglines RSS subscription folder this morning I saw 996 posts since I checked it last on Friday. There's no way I'm sorting through all those. I'm going to skim some but for all I know I might skip over an announcement that Microsoft challenged Mozilla to a cage match for … Continue reading RSS issues

Movie Marketing Madness: The Beautiful Country

This, like many other high-quality flicks, was first brought to my attention by Jeffery Wells. Where would films like this be without someone like Wells championing them? A Vietnamese twenty-something "bui doi" (Vietnamese for "less than dust", a slur aimed at those with American parentage) embarks on a quest to America in search of his … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Beautiful Country

Broken Flowers poster Movie News: EX: Broken Flowers poster! Great poster for this upcoming Bill Murray flick. Tips its hand to the plot and puts Murray up front. Not graphically exciting at all but I think very effective. --Chris

Carlito's Way: Rise to Power official website

Carlito's Way: Rise to Power Universal has put up a place-holder website for their Carlito's Way prequel. The only feature there is a "Sign Up For Updates" button but check back often. --Chris

Bloodrayne poster Movie News: Hot new Bloodrayne poster Smokin' hot new poster for Bloodrayne. 'Nuff said. --Chris

Dukes of Hazzard official website

The Official Dukes of Hazzard Movie Site Warner Bros. hasn't launched the website for The Dukes of Hazzard, but they have given it a shot of nitrous. Surf on over. --Chris


Coming Soon! - Latest News ComingSoon has a look at posters for: Find Me Guilty Elizabethtown In Her Shoes Walk the Line Ice Age 2 Brothers Grimm My favorite? Walk the Line's. I love the artistic look and feel. Of course that's not counting Elizabethtown, but I love everything about that movie so far. In … Continue reading Poster-polooza