This French romance chronicles the relationship of a couple through the crucible of five moments in their lives together.

The Poster

Part of me wants to call this poster, which just features the two main characters against a white background, bland but I’m too in love with the simple white dress the female lead, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, is wearing. In the end I really like the one-sheet

The Trailer

Almost entirely sans dialogue but with French narration I was still able to get the sense of what the movie is about. It doesn’t hurt that most of the trailer features people getting naked. That really helps move the very short (it’s just over a minute) trailer along. Unfortunately there’s a weird music shift at just under a minute in. It doesn’t correspond with any mood shift in the trailer it just seems like they couldn’t find music that was 1:15 long. Strange.

The Website

Fortunately the website does offer English translation. That’s just about all it offers, though. You can watch the trailer, some clips and a photo gallery that includes the poster. Pretty slim but the website is actually that of a French production company which doesn’t seem to be pouring money into the sites. That’s fine as the trailer more than adequately sells the movie. Besides, what’s a movie like this going to have? Ringtones?


Another French romance goes on my list. What is it about these movies that draws me to them so strongly? I just love them.