A French film about a man who saves a stranger from killing himself, only to get caught up in a romantic triangle with that stranger and the woman he sets him up with.

The Poster

Showing all three main characters is essential since this is a character drama/comedy. It looks like it’s set against or amidst a party which lends the poster a cheery, light air. What kills me are the three pictures of seafood toward the bottom. It’s a little detail and easy to overlook but it really adds to the poster and to the plot setup.

The Trailer

Light, breezy and funny as hell this sets up the plot very well. It shows all three points in the love triangle and how they meet up. I think I said before that if this were an American film I’d be worried as hell it would be cloy and annoying with the most obvious ending imaginable. The French, though, know how to do love stories, especially when they include unrequited love.

The Website

It’s pretty slim but fits the mood of the film very well. Essentially it has the trailer and some charcter/actor biographies and that’s it. The layout, though, is a restaurant menu that you flip through to view the contents. I understand that this is not where the studio is going to throw a lot of money but they could have shown a little love here. For a movie whose trailer looks this good it deserves better.


Looks great. Definitely must check this one out when I can.