MarketingSherpa Misses the point on RSS

First off, let me state I'm a big fan of MarketingSherpa so no offence is intended toward the work they do. That being said, their latest report on RSS is all wrong. One of the reasons they state for companies not to embrace RSS as a communications tool is it's lack of market penetration. They… Continue reading MarketingSherpa Misses the point on RSS

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Where is Chris?

If I post here a little more sporadically than before there is a good reason: I'm getting paid to write elsewhere. I am now a contributing writer to three of Weblog Inc's sites. You'll find posts by me at AdJab, Cinematical and TVSquad beginning yesterday. This does not mean I'm abandoning Movie Marketing Madness, either… Continue reading Where is Chris?

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The Transporter 2 Trailer

Le Transporteur 2 : Bandes-annonces Nothing is more important to me than a sense of humor with film violence. That's why I admit without shame to liking True Lies and The Fifth Element. The trailer for Transporter 2 has that in spades. I never saw the first one so can't say how it seems to… Continue reading The Transporter 2 Trailer

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Newspaper Movie Advertising

Will Box-Office Blues Put Newspapers in Red? - New York Times It seems that newspapers may be feeling the same financial pinch from decreased theatrical box-office figures that studios are. Some interesting numbers in the article: 2004 advertising budgets equaled $3.9 billion. Web advertising accounts for just 2.2% of ad budgets in 2004. Newspaper advertising… Continue reading Newspaper Movie Advertising