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Various Posters

Three new posters via JoBlo: Transporter 2: May be the best use of a woman's legs on a poster since the halcyon days of the James Bond franchise. This one rocks. Revolver: The one-sheet for the new movie from Guy Ritchie features a big gun but no written assurance that Madonna plays absolutely no role… Continue reading Various Posters

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The Island Official Site

Warner Bros. and Dreamworks have launched the official site for The Island. The site so far is very slick, lending credence to my theory that this will be a brainless action flick. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing (I actually count True Lies as one of my favorite action flicks) but this looks… Continue reading The Island Official Site

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Bewitched Trailer

Here's the new trailer for Bewitched the "Is it a remake or is it a kind of meta examination of...ummm...something" flick coming out later this year. This version isn't a whole lot different from the one released a couple months ago. It's a lot of the same footage but arranged slightly differently. The more I… Continue reading Bewitched Trailer